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My name is Jenna, and my goal is to bring you the guidance, interventions, and encouragement you need to feel like you can do all the hard things.  Here, you'll get the support to know how strong you truly are - mentally, physically, and spiritually!

I always thought of myself as an anxious kid, yet typically, I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.  From an early age, I knew that hard things would get easier if I did them a few times, and I loved the sense of accomplishment I would get from going through something difficult. I turned this into a passion for helping others realize their true potential.


I want you to know how strong, tall, and bulletproof you really are.  Don't forget to sign up for my e-mail newsletter to get news and updates. By signing up for my newsletter, you'll also get a free Morning Tracker to start your morning off right and bring your bad-assery into the rest of your day. 

You've got this.  Let's. Go!

xo, Jenna 

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Disclaimer: Please note that the information, resources, and descriptions offered on this website, feed, or elsewhere is not, nor is it intended to be, therapy or a replacement for therapy.  It is also not psychological advice or a replacement for psychological advice.  It does not constitute a client/therapist relationship.  For individual help and questions regarding your mental health and well-being, you should consult a mental health provider.  You can reach out to 1-800-950-NAMI or head to the following websites: IOCDF.org, nami.org, and psychologytoday.com.  Direct messages, e-mails, and other contacts seeking mental health advice will not be answered as these questions must instead be answered by a mental health provider suited for you needs specifically. 

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