strong mind, strong body challenge

21 days - starts january 1st, 2021

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Dr. Brittany Masteller is a mom, scientist, personal trainer, athlete, and the woman behind DocBrittFit.  She works with women to find their power using strength training and evidence-based approaches to health.

She's also one of my BEST friends, and we're super excited to bring you the STRONG MIND, STRONG BODY challenge!

Each day will consist of mental/physical wellness challenges to help you feel good in your mind and your body!  For $21, you'll get daily e-mails including a mental and physical challenge for that day.  Be prepared to feel stronger mentally and physically in just 3 weeks!

You also have a chance to win a free copy of "You Are A Bad Ass" by Jen Sincero - or an Amazon gift card.  Sign up for my newsletter and the challenge to learn more!


money mindset challenge

will open enrollment again soon!

stay tuned for more info


What's your relationship like with money?  Do you freak out even thinking or talking about it?  Let's kick your ego to the curb and heal that relationship - in just 21 days.

Each day of the Money Mindset Challenge, you will receive an e-mail outlining a core principle/concept that aims to transcend your lack mentality and get you to full on abundance mode, baby.  This means a more positive outlook on your future opportunities, more gratitude for what you have, and less shame and guilt around your current money situation. 

The challenge will contain activities, meditations, and unique perspectives and concepts you've never heard before.  For $10, you'll get daily e-mails including a money mindset challenge for the day and an assignment to help train your brain to see the endless opportunities around you.  Be prepared to release your financial fears and perceptions, manifest some serious abundance, and maybe even make some extra dough. 

You also have a chance to win a free copy of "You Are A Bad Ass at Making Money" by Jen Sincero - or an Amazon gift card.  Sign up at the link above to learn more!

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