for adults, adolescents, and children

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It's a big deal to make the decision to start therapy.  As someone who values the therapeutic progress on both a professional and personal level, I honor the difficulty and emotions that it takes to take that first step.  Way to go for simply getting here and wanting more information.


It's my priority to provide you with the education, guidance, steps, and encouragement you need to transcend the fear and negativity in your life so that you can grow beyond it.  Because I've been working with such complex and severe cases since 2008, I'm confident in my clinical abilities and my professional knowledge.  I'm able to help take you from a place of anxiety, fear, and potentially hopelessness to feeling more optimistic, more in control, and more flexible.


It'll feel so good to be back in the driver's seat of your life.  I'll empower you to let normal emotions like fear, anxiety, and sadness come along for the ride but no longer dictate the destination. 

private practice

- available for adults, children, and adolescents

- secure teletherapy sessions offered

- select in person sessions offered on site in southeast wisconsin

- insurance, self-pay, and sliding scale options

- treatment available for ocd, anxiety, postpartum issues, hoarding, body focused repetitive behaviors, body dysmorphia, depression, eating disorders, and more

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support/therapy groups

coming soon: teletherapy groups for..

- moms with postpartum anxiety and/or ocd

- moms in the fourth trimester

- moms in any/all stage of motherhood

- individuals with ocd

- individuals with anxiety

- parents of those with ocd/anxiety

- more


for therapists and counselors

Need to learn more about exposure and response prevention, OCD, anxiety, or related topics?

I can assist with assessment, treatment plan development, educating therapist/family/individuals, training, and more.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the information, resources, and descriptions offered on this website, feed, or elsewhere are not, nor are not intended to be, therapy or a replacement for therapy.  It is also not psychological advice or a replacement for psychological advice.  It does not constitute a client/therapist relationship.  For individual help and questions regarding your mental health and well-being, you should consult a mental health provider.  You can reach out to 1-800-950-NAMI or head to the following websites:,, and  Direct messages, e-mails, and other contacts seeking mental health advice will not be answered as these questions must instead be answered by a mental health provider suited for you needs specifically. 


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